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USRBC Annual Meeting, Nov. 10-12, 2016,  San Francisco.
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Russia's Far East: New Dynamics in Asia Pacific and Beyond
by Rensselaer Lee and Artyom Lukin
Recommended reading for all RAPP attendees. In this book, Lee and Lukin explore the central question of RAPP: Can Russia and the US act in partnership to further their common interests in the region?
Available now on Amazon

Invest in Russia Video by Ministry of Far East Development
Details the new Law on the Free Port Vladivostok

Для русскоязычной версии НАЖМИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ

Published on Sep 20, 2015 The Free port of Vladivostok
The Federal law "On the free port of Vladivostok” covers 15 municipalities of Primorsky krai with the population of over 1.4 million people. The total area is over 27.8 thousand square kilometers.

Eastern Russia Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZ)
Ministry of Far East Development video on ASEZs
To view video CLICK HERE
Для русскоязычной версии НАЖМИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ

Council for U.S.-Russia Relations in the news:

Minister Alexei Ulyukayev: the Value of RAPP to Preserve a Positive Agenda Increases Click here

Translation Deita.RU interview 20 August, 2015, "Ending Sactions not as Difficult as it Seems"  Click here

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"Russia's ties to Northwest put trade gains at risk", Jon Talton, Seattle Times. Click here or load URL http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2025265754_biztaltoncol21xml.html

Совет по отношениям "США-Россия"и РАТОП в прессе:

Алексей Улюкаев: значение Российско-Американского тихоокеанского партнерства для сохранения позитивной повестки дня возрастает  НАЖМИТЕ

20.08.2015: Дейта "Остановить санкции не так сложно, как кажется" НАЖМИТЕ

17.06.15 Интерфакс. Заседание Российско-Американского Тихоокеанского партнерства пройдет в Южно-Сахалинске в октябре  НАЖМИТЕ

06.05.15 Сказал "не поеду" и махнул рукой, Голос разума НАЖМИТЕ

14.04.14 Норберг: санкции США говорят о серьезных проблемах в отношениях с РФ НАЖМИТЕ

14.04.14 Норберг: санкции - симптом фундаментальных проблем в отношениях РФ-США НАЖМИТЕ

27.03.15 Голос Америки, "Сергей Кисляк призвал к расширению деловых связей России и США" НАЖМИТЕ

13.03.15 "О неготовности США учитывать интересы РФ на Украине" НАЖМИТЕ

13.03.15 "Смешанное влияние санкций на компании в США" НАЖМИТЕ

13.03.15 "США недостаточно понимают важность процветающей России" НАЖМИТЕ

27.01.15 "Снижение экономики РФ может повредить ЕС и США" НАЖМИТЕ

No other bilateral partnering promises the degree of economic growth, innovation advancement, and global security enhancement as does that of the U.S. and the Russian Federation. This relationship is critically important to both our countries and to the world, and warrants our support.

Council for U.S.-Russia Relations works with our members and government partners to support the bilateral relationship. The Council runs the Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) bilateral forum engaging regional and federal governments with the private sector.

We bring over twenty years of experience in U.S.-Russia relations and credibility on both sides necessary to build consensus around our bilateral agendas.

Contact us for details on our work and how you may join with the Council.

Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP)

Our cornerstone program activity, the Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP), is the longest continually running bilateral intergovernmental forum between the U.S. and Russia. To learn more about RAPP, please see the RAPP page on this site for details.

Governance and Funding

Established in October 2011 with offices in Seattle, Washington, the Council is governed by its Board of Directors.  The Council is supported by members, program sponsors and participants from both countries. 

Thank you for your interest in the Council and we look forward to hearing from you and to working together on U.S.-Russian cooperative relations.